Snowy River Station is a diverse farming operation that spreads from growing unique sea vegetables and seaweeds at the mouth of the Snowy River to other farm operations high in the mountains where we fatten and breed Beef Cattle.

Snowy River Station has won many awards and pioneered the Sea Vegetable industry here in Australia. Samphire - (Best New Produce 2011 Delicious Awards). Sea Spray - (Best New Product 2014 Delicious Awards). Sea Spray - (Winner from the Earth 2014 Delicious Awards). N.S.W. Royal Agricultural Society Silver Medal 2019. N.S.W. Royal Agricultural Society Gold Medal 2019.

We are well known for our ability to farm salt damaged land that had been discarded. We have developed methods since 2008 and are world leaders in this area.

Our farms are right on the beach on the Wilderness Coast, Gippsland, Victoria and High in the remote areas of the Snowy Mountains all in pristine environments.


We farm in some of the best soils in the world, the silt from the Snowy River Flood Plains. 

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